Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Patrick Zhuwao last week presided over the graduation of 218 Zanu PF youth militia from the Dadaya National Youth Service centre.
Zhuwao  said there were plans to establish youth centres in every constituency in order to ‘promote’ youth empowerment.
“There are plans to open up youth centres in every constituency under the name Youth Economic Empowerment Centre and these centres would feed vocational training centres with graduates.
“We are planning to rename Dadaya School after the late godfather of the National Youth Service, George Rutanhire,” said Zhuwao.
Commander of the Dadaya training centre Commandant Mavhiki explained the aims of the training and the programmes the trainees were doing as well as the challenges encountered during the course.
“We have 218 trainees who are graduating; 182 males and 76 females and amongst these trainees, we have two degree holders, five diploma holders and several holders of national certificates. The centre grooms youths into patriotism,” said Mavhiki.