Tafadzwa Mugwadi is the Information Director for Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU-PF has promised the American Government that the ruling party ZANU-PF will deal with elections the Taliban way.

He was responding to a message by the US Embassy in Harare which had said:

“When will the Zimbabwean government resume by-elections? Long-standing parliamentary vacancies have left over 754,000 voters in 26 constituencies without elected representation. Only by-elections will restore these citizens’ rights to representation.”

The Embassy added that if other countries like Zambia could hold elections despite Covid 19, what stops Zimbabwe from holding elections.

However, Mugwadi called the Embassy to order, saying it should move from away from ZANU-PF’s lane.

“We will do it the Taliban way!! Stay far from our lane or the consequences will be humiliating the Taliban style,” he said.

Mugwadi added that:

“Don’t ask me wht is the Taliban style. Ask the gringos who created a puppet Gvt, supported it for 20 years with war, only to be over-ran by Talibans leaving guns, war jets, helicopters, cash, whiskey & their puppets at the hands of Afghan Talibans kkk. Lesson: Puppets are losers.”

Meanwhile, prominent investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono implored those wondering why sanctions against Zimbabwe are being maintained to take note.

“Then we have adults that ask why there are sanctions and why reengagement has failED!,” he says.