Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume and #31July convener says Zimbabweans should demand reforms by way of peaceful demonstrations, otherwise things will not change for the better.

He says the pressure to implement critical changes needs to come from the people, adding that Malawians who demonstrating for better living conditions are teaching Zimbabweans an important lesson.

“If something isn’t right- don’t just tweet about it; take action,” he says.

Ngarivhume points out that Zimbabweans have shown the President Emmerson Mnangagwa regime that they have no problem standing in queues for hours, hence things don’t change at all.

“I believe we are in a season for action in Zimbabwe. We must peacefully set our demands and expectations for 2022.

“This next year cannot be a Mnangagwa show; nothing but meaningless political theatrics,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is set to hold general elections in 2023, and this coming year is expected to be eventful as parties campaign.

The country’s opposition parties are demanding for reforms.