No time has Zimbabwe shown such political enthusiasm as far as the quest for change is concerned, that is sign that time for change is nigh.

On such a time as this , whereby we have many opposition players than in the previous elections, it is important to unite and tackle the opponent from one side than to confuse the electorate by entering the elections fragmented.

Its important to note that there is basically one enemy here , that is Mugabe and his ZANU PF, who are responsible for the economic socio-political decay the country is going through, so joining hands and pulling efforts and resources together will go a long way in making the objective possible

Taking a leaf from previous elections, what costed us our victory is that opposition political parties even though fighting one enemy they found themselves fighting each other and this reduced the winning margin needed for opposition to win , this must be avoided this time.

With more than normal contestants, it’s going to be difficult for opposition parties to ganner a majority that would guarantee victory, that will like in the past , give a leeway to ZANU PF to maintain the status quo .

Hence , as the adage goes, it takes two to tango, Children of Zimbabwe need to understand the power of unity as opposed to individualism

As individuals we can do something , but together we can do much more

2018 is a lifeline for Zimbabwe lets get the country working again

Alliance is the way to this dream.

Monalisa Tshaka
Peoples Democratic Party, Harare