Student Reps are doing too much politics, Zhuwao

Lovemore Lubinda

The minister of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Patrick Zhuwao has launched a scathing attack on students’ representatives for meddling in politics disregarding the welfare of students they represent.

Addressing a media press conference on Zimbabwe investing in innovative enterprise and resilient young people in line with the African union “Harnessing the demographic dividend by investing in youth in Harare today in Harare, Zhuwao said students body representatives should have no business in politics but should concentrate on uplifting the state of the students they present.

The attacks maybe have been directed to student representatives in the likes of Tonderai Chidawa President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union (ZICOSA) who castigated the minister and his fellow ministers Minister of Higher Education Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere for their relentless attack on Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chidawa blasted the ministers as belonging to a group of corrupt gangsters and barons, crooks and opportunists who line their pockets using their ministerial positions.

On the whole, the Zimbabwean student faces a lot of challenges due to the deteriorating economic conditions grappling the country. Chief among them is the issue of fees. Zimbabwean colleges and universities charges high fees compared to others in the region.

The government’s cadetship program has failed to support these students who needed assistance. Accommodation problems have rocked many institutions of higher learning particularly the Midlands State University.

Lack of accommodation has meant that students have to fork out a lot in transport money in order to commute to the respect colleges or universities.

Female students are especially vulnerable as they face numerous problems while some turn to sex work and other to immoral means to pay their for the bills.

Up to 2 800 students dropped out of their course at the university of Zimbabwe, while 1 370 have dropped out as differed their courses at the Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo according to the Zimbabwe Students Union.