Video: Stunner Desmond Chideme dumped by Olinda Chapel, Zim singer’s wife attempts suicide over sex affairs in her marital bed

stunner and olinda chapel latest videoHeartbroken, In tears: Olinda Chapel gave her love & cash to Stunner Desmond Chideme

Olinda cash, clothes, cars and love to Stunner, he said thanks in a way that left wife in tears

Hip hop singer and song writer Stunner Desmond Chideme is in serious trouble.

His heartbroken young wife Olinda Chapel has taken to social media to express how she invested her heart and cash to prope up a cashless singer who was struggling to make ends meet until when he married her.

Here is what she said about her soon to end rocky marriage to Stunner while in tears..

Have I got any audience and I want you to call anyone.

Desmond Chideme is a ****

The whole world told me to leave him, but I stood by him, I supported him.

I believed in him and gave him everything from the beginning to the end.

He goes to give my property to other people, his 18 year old girlfriends.

I lifted him up with my hard work and sweat. This is my house I pay for all this.

He brings his little girlfriends into my house. The whole year from day 1 I was told Stunner siyana naye, I never listened to anybody, I did from my own hard work and I get this nonsense.

He never had a bed but I had to buy for us to sleep well.

Today is the day I am going to let all my dirty laundry hang.

Within a month he smashed my $40000 car, I paid for the Audi, Lexus and Mercedes’s thinking I was building up my husband.

All the good clothes he wears it is me who buy, his jacket that gave him best dressed singer it is me, what do I get, kuhurirwa netuma 20 year old.

The world told me Desmond is a fool but I prayed and paid for this relationship with my money.

He embarrassed me on internet saying she is fat yet I been paying for his expenses.

This man treats me like I am nothing. He treats me like I am $hit.

This is not about being attention seeking or being celebrity, its real life. The whole world told me to stay away from him,