Drama as Harare prophet beds 4 married church women, impregnates one

BY Grace Ministries founder and church prophet, Obert Mapfumo, was nabbed after he bragged on live radio show about impregnating a married woman and sexually abusing  others.

Mapfumo admitted to some of the allegations on Tilder Moyo’s show live on (Star FM) and is being detained at Machipisa Police Station.


The first victim, 25, who was made pregnant by Mapfumo, told reporters that the prophet promised her ‘new’ and ‘clean’ blood if she was to have sexual intercourse with him.

“The prophet was aware that l was having problems with contraceptives, so he said that he was going to cleanse me through sexual intercourse,” said the first victim.

“At some point, l tried to stop him but he told me that if l can trust a doctor to see me naked, why l would doubt a man of God.

The victim had a child with Mapfumo who died after six months.

“The whole time he would demand sex from me since we had a child together and I kept it a secret to my husband but it was affecting me daily.

“When the baby passed away, I had nothing to lose and told my husband who claimed all the money that he had used on the child back.

“Prophet would drag the issue until my husband recorded some of the voice calls which we used against him at Star FM,” she said.

A second victim, 28, said Mapfumo abused him claiming to be cleansing her from demons.


“He told me that the moment I have sex with him, I will have new blood which would help me from spiritual attacks,” she said.


“I only slept with him three times but we had an argument since I did not want to ruin my marriage,” said the third victim aged 26.

Another congregant, Happius Mahembe claimed that Mapfumo duped him over a thousand dollars promising residential stands in return.


“All l want right now is my money back because who trusts someone like him, I even heard rumours that he had sex with my wife,” he said.