Nearly 200 families have been left homeless following evictions by the new owner of TN Gold Private Limited formerly known as Metallon Gold Company in Acturus.

With winter fast approaching it is bad a time for one to find themselves homeless but this is the case for nearly 200 families whose fate is uncertain after the mine that they used to work for was bought by a new owner who has asked them to vacate his property.

Some of the former workers also alleged the company dismissed them in February 2016 after they staged an industrial action but it never settled their salaries since then.

New mine owners TN Gold group chief executive officer Mr Tawanda Nyambirai said the workers staged a collective job action against their former owners which led to the closure of the company in 2016 creating a vacant for him to purchase the mine in November 2017.

“These people are violating our property rights since we bought everything from their former employer and they have lost their case in the hands of the courts,” he said.

According to Mr Nyambirai the mine was bought at US$11 million and had more than 700 workers whose families reside in three compounds with a total of 1 000 houses. zbc