President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni has called on African nations to lead in rejecting the promotion of homosexuality.

He described the vice as a big threat and danger to the procreation of human race.

His comments comes at the time some western countries are pushing for the acceptance of people of homosexual tendencies.

Some African countries have allegedly been threatened by America that if they don’t recognize people of homosexual tendencies, they will not be given aid.

Meanwhile, late former Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe once described people of such sexual orientation as being worse than dogs.

Mugabe criminalised homosexuality and same sex marriages.

Same-sex sexual activity is prohibited under the Criminal Law Act 2006, which criminalises acts of ‘sodomy’. This provision carries a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and a fine. Only men are criminalised under this law.

Zimbabwe codified its criminal laws in 2006, explicitly criminalising same-sex sexual activity in legislation for the first time since it gained its independence.

Prior to this, Zimbabwe’s criminal provisions operated under the common law inherited from the British during the colonial period, under which ‘sodomy’ was criminalised.

There is some evidence of the law being enforced in recent years, with LGBT people being occasionally subject to arrest, though there appear to be no successful prosecutions under the law. T

There have been consistent reports of discrimination and violence being committed against LGBT people in recent years, including assault, sexual violence, harassment, blackmail, and the denial of basic rights and services.