Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume says the government has a constitutional obligation to consult citizens on how devolution funds should be spent, and not just impose its thinking on them.

Commenting on the Local Government Ministrer July Moyo’s attempt to impose overpriced fire engines on councils, Mafume decries a “Last Supper mentality”.

He says the essence of devolution is for local people to make their own decisions, unlike a case in which they are never consulted.

“Some councils can’t even manage a fire brigade! The cost can build clinics & is astronomical,” he says.

Mafume adds that councils across the country will meet and respond to the letter and will pass resolutions according to the needs of the local residents and after consultation with the citizens/ residents.

“The minister of local government is not a super mayor with devine authority,” he says.

He was referring to a recent letter by Minister Moyo forcing local authorities to buy fire engines from Belarus.