Renowned Afro-Jazz Fusion artist, Ernest Tanga Kambadzo Sando, well known as Tanga WekwaSando is launching his 16th album tonight.

The 12 track album – Zagga is being launched at Theatre in the park Harare.

Tanga is a seasoned musician who gained popularity after releasing his debut album ‘Wake’ in 2000.

Tanga started his musical journey before independence in the 1970s where he played the tambourine for the Salvation Army youth band.

He also learned to play the saxophone in the band.

After some time, he then joined professional bands such as the Greenford Jangano-led Harare Mambos where he honed his craft.

Sando has since became a household name, a force to reckon with in the industry.

Zwnews, Wikipedia