Some political commentators say the Supreme Court ruling in favour of 12 Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidates is nothing to be celebrated.

They say ZANU PF will use the case as a sign to show that the country’s courts are not captured especially when the Presidential election outcome is disputed.

Presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s senior campaign team member Ali Naka says the court ruling in favour of 12 CCC members is a well calculated move by ZANU PF to pretend that the country’s courts are not captured.

“What Zimbabweans are celebrating today will haunt them when Emerson declares himself winner and you go to the captured courts.

“You will be reminded that the same “Courts” are impartial, objective and not Captured. It’s choreographed!!”

Prominent political analyst Elder Mabhunu concurs, adding that ZANU PF is aware that the presidential election results would be disputed.

Meanwhile, renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says the CCC victory is nothing much to write home about.

He writes:

The Zimbabwean opposition should not celebrate anything from the court judgement, they should only breath a sigh of relief.

The tweet below from a ZANUPF handle shows you what this is about, ZANUPF is saying the courts are not captured, and this has positioned @ZECzim as a fair referee in ZANU PF’s narrative to the world since the opposition got a favourable affidavit from @ZECzim.

President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF didn’t need these 12 seats, because there was never 12 seats uncontested, only 3 were uncontested, the others would have been contested by the likes of ZAPU.

So in the eyes of ZANUPF this process has cleansed the courts and @ZECzim.

When the inevitable Presidential result dispute and battle takes center stage, this case will be used and referred to ad nauseam as an example that the process was fair.

They will say; “…the same court delivered judgement in your favor last month, the same @ZECzim sided with you on the Bulawayo 12.”

There is a word for it, it is called choreography!

Celebration is missing the point!