Zanu PF youth member killed by riot police in bloody gold mine battle

CHEGUTU: Zimbabwe police have shot dead a gold digger who was part of 10 000 politically connected militant artisanal miners who have been protesting today and resisting eviction from a rich gold claim over the past few weeks.

ZwNews sources who witnessed the bloody confrontation said the dead miner, Lovemore Feyani(30) is a staunch Mnangagwa supporter and Zanu PF youth member who died after riot police fired live ammunition in a bid to force miners to leave the area.

400 ruling party youths from Chegutu were injured.

This picture taken from shows the deceased covered in the Zanu PF regalia bearing President Mnangagwa’s face written Vote Zanu PF.

It is alleged that Zanu PF officials from Mashonaland West received bribes to force the youths out before the matter was finalised by courts.

Last week, covered how the spirited artisanal miners from Chegutu registered under a cooperative name, Danangwe District Youth in Mining (DDYM) have refused to settle for less after being ordered to relocate from a rich gold claim to another in the same town or just get evicted for good.

The miners numbering about 10 000 recently overpowered a handful of cops that had come to evict them at Gadzema mine in Chegutu through an eviction order by Breckridge company.

The multitudes of artisanal miners vowed to do anything that will make them save their only source of livelihood.